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About Testimonials Generator

This testimonials generator should help you easily make a testimonials widget, which you can display on your website. You can include testimonials from anyone – your customers, referents, industry group leaders, famous quotes, employees or managers. You can also include testimonies from companies you collaborate with. Feel free to use it anyway you want.

On the right you can take a look at an example of the testimonials widget. Please don’t use the same example in your testimonial or include the same images included in the example. You can include this widget in your sidebar, near your pricing tables as propaganda for the sign up process, or in your landing page.

A testimonial can be defined as a formal statement testifying to someone’s character and qualifications. Creating testimonials that match your character or your company vision will make them more useful for your website visitors.

One thing we can’t guarantee is the service quality or length of delivery, because this is a service that we provide free of charge. We also don’t take any liability regarding what kind of testimonials are going to be displayed on your website.