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The Office App Builder is a WYSIWYG editing one page application, that allows users to create their own applications according to their needs, and it is specially designed for commercial setting.

Companies need various types of apps – Invoicing and accounting, Calculator apps, Survey apps, Campaign Apps, Tracking of products, Shops & retail app (ordering products), Complains and refunds etc.

Currently this means that you have to pay a fee for a license from a software vendor, or hire developers to create your specific app. Vendors use generalized approach which means you hardly get to change things. Hiring developers is very expensive and wouldn’t fit the need of SMEs. Maintenance of the backend would of course mean that the information gathered by this app will be store in some type of database.

This is where Office App Builder can help you build a specific app for your need, with your own brand, owned by you. The information stored in a secure database would be accessible through the admin area Office App Builder. There you can export your records in a CSV format.

The idea of creating an app builder application which will automatically compile code and sign the packages is still one of fiction, but the Office App Builder will push automation to the limit. This means that your app can be ready in couple of days rather than months and years.

If this bid is successful – the prototype of the Office App Builder admin area should be completed by November 2017. The goal is to set it up in a way that it will require very little to no human interaction after your push the Build button.

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