Best Search Plugin to use

//Best Search Plugin to use

Best Search Plugin to use

Every good website or blog on the internet deserves a reliable and efficient search form. It is the dream of every blogger and web manager to have an increasing number of visitors viewing their sites everyday. Apart from just visiting, you need to maintain your them. Site users and visitors are key sources to generating traffic and also improves your website SEO ranking. With the latest updates on google SEO algorithms, the more the number of visitors on your website, the higher the ranking. Getting people to view your site is relatively easy, but maintaining them is hard. Most web managers focus only with updating the content and creating a good user interface. They forget to provide the user with the means to find the information they need faster. The use of a search form.

Most WordPress developers rely on the search form that comes with the custom theme. It might be a little useful but it doesn’t meet the standard of a good and reliable search plugin. A good search plugin should be fast, accurate, present a visible search bar, provide users with effective Sorting and Filters . One such plugin is the Sortable Search plugin.

Sortable Search is an addon to the Sortable plugin which is used to sort your posts and web pages. It is a simple plugin that offers sophisticated and flexible search functionality for your website. Unlike the custom WordPress search form, the Sortable Search plugin comes loaded with amazing features. It gives you an opportunity to design an attractive search form for your website and even generate shortcodes to use on particular pages and posts. It also enables you to upload a CSV file holding your search suggestions making it easier for a user to find information much faster.

Since Sortable Search is addon to the Sortable plugin, you first have to install Sortable plugin. You can get Sortable plugin by purchasing it from website. After you are done setting up the plugin, you should be able to see it on the WordPress dashboard menu. It’s now time to install the Sortable Search addon. Download it from website. Install the plugin and activate it. Now, when you click on the Sortable menu on the dashboard, you should be given two options, Sortable and Search. Since we are interested in creating a search form for our website, go for the Search option.

Sortable Search gives you two options of creating a search form for your WordPress website or blog. The Shortcodes and the Default settings. With the shortcode features, Sortable Search gives you several options that aren’t available in most search plugins. It enables you to set the Title of your search form. This title is clear and visible to your visitors for easy recognition of the search button. You can also set the Search button subtitles. This can be something related to the post, web page, or what the user might be interested in searching. There is also the provision of a search form placeholder. This shows users where to type what they want to lookup. You can also select the page on which you want the results to be displayed. This is a feature which lacks in most WordPress search plugin.

With Sortable search, you can also choose the type of a search form you want. It gives you a list of three options. Full feature, without filters and simple. Full form means the title, subtitle, search field and any filters are included in the search form. Without Filters is suitable if you want to generate it without the filters part ( or you haven’t purchased the Advanced Filters Sortable addon). The Simple form means just search field. After you are done with setting up the search form, a shortcode is automatically generated. You can embed this code in any post or webpage.

With the Default settings tab, Sortable Search gives you one additional feature not present in most WordPress search plugins. The capability to upload a CSV file that will facilitate easy searching of information as required by the user. If you don’t have a file to upload, you can just feed in the values directly. After you are done setting up the search button, just click on the save button. The changes made are then applied to your website.

Sortable Search is an efficient plugin in that it creates responsive search buttons for your posts and web pages. Visitors can use these buttons to search for whatever information they need which in return will generate a high traffic for your website. You can purchase the plugin, and incase of any problems with the plugin you can just email [email protected]

To get the Sortable Search plugin for your website, visit website. This plugin will add a reliable search functionality which your visitors can use for easy access to information.

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